When most people think of a themed pub crawl it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. Vomit in the streets, borderline anarchy, brawls and worse! However I’ve had the pleasure of attending 2 themed pub crawls over the last couple of months that were of such giddying and lightly-deviant proportions that I feel it only fair to let the good people of Brighton & Hove know about them.

18222368_10158734579060232_2273444777558917272_nYellow Elephant Promotions (once more aptly, but crudely named ‘Wasted Promotions’)  hosts pub quizzes all around the world for up to hundreds of people at a time.

For only £5 you will be led around a variety of pubs in many cities, in our case Brighton, ending up a local hotspot, in our case PRYZM-which, by the way, was not as terrible as I remember. It was a lot safer, cleaner, had better music and the people seemed less likely to attack you for a pack of gummy bears!

My sister and brother-in-law introduced me to YPM’s delightful events starting with a Harry Potter bar crawl (I was dressed as Barry Potter-Brown Harry Potter- a character J.K. Rowling didn’t go for despite my many emails!) and a few months later a Star Wars pub crawl. It was a manic, busy, extremely entertaining and surprisingly well organised couple of affairs that saw around 600 people across both events covering 6 venues in staggered groups.

The venues consisted of Molly Malone’s, Walkabout, Tempest Inn and some others that are now a little hazy in my mind’s eye. But each one was decorated or themed to make you feel that bit less of plonker dressed to the nines in your get up.

16998787_10158375449170232_7190333923691378500_nAt each venue you received a different perk including photo ops, themed freebies, drinking game suggestions and gross but somewhat welcomed shots. My favourite gift of the two crawls being a degree from Hogwarts….so now I’m pretty much a mother fuckin’ wizard!

Anyhooooo, what really stood out was how people really went for it in almost every sense of the word. The costumes were stunning; from people wearing toilet seats mimicking Moaning Myrtle to Steam Punk Sith Lords, and everything in between.

Everyone bonded in a shared fanaticism of the evening and in such great numbers you damn near forgot you were in the real world.

Whether you were dressed as “that scar-faced twat” or “that shiny black fella with asthma” (two of my favourite quotes from other crawl goers), you were part of the group and the city was yours for the taking.

Yellow Elephant Promotions work really hard to make the experience worthwhile and seem to have a good relationship with the venues and locals, which makes a big difference when there are a lot of drunk young folk bellowing “it’s a trap” or “Avada Kedavra” at 2 in the morning!

I did think it would all be a bit naff and it was to a certain degree but for a fun packed evening with a load of people interested in the same ninnery as you it’s well worth is. Plus only a fiver!

Upcoming events include a Rick & Morty crawl, Superheroes & Villains Crawl and much more. Hopefully see you there!


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