How The Duke of York’s made me think Eurovision isn’t Garbage!

I’ve always felt the Eurovision Song Contest was a pile of piss. Countries voting politically for seemingly pointless points as ninnys and wrong’uns belt out ‘tunes’ that would make any person lobotomise themselves!

18486232_10158777036715232_2932529391906583555_nHowever this year I had the pleasure of seeing an old chum and her family who invited me to the Duke of York’s, Brighton, Eurovision Song Contest Party. Of course I was sceptical and dreading sitting through 3+ hours of Graham Norton making ‘jokes’ and explaining the unnecessarily complex voting system.

However in a strange turn of events, that probably had a large part to do with the 2 bottles of wine, delightful company and I forgot Norton is actually hilarious, I am now hooked!

As we all took our seats and began what can only be described as a booze-filled-cinema-picnic a flamboyantly camp and enigmatic MC took to the stage to explain the evening’s itinerary. Myself and the 100+ other audience moments would indeed be watching all of the contest, however we could vote ourselves and make notes as an audience, get up and take to a dance floor set up in front of the screen but most importantly not take the thing seriously at all.

Unlike any other cinematic experience I have witnessed you became fully immersed in the showmanship, idiocy, piss-takery and tongue in cheek fun that is Eurovision.

From start to finish there was cheering, booing, ridiculous puns on ‘chicken kiev’ (it was set in Kiev by the way) and some great costumes as we all banded together to watch the contest.

nintchdbpict0003090296941Why Portugal (pictured yonder) won and not Moldova I have no idea and began to wonder if there had been some political, economic or natural disaster there I was unaware of; but that’s neither here nor there. What really stood out amongst the ballads, pyrotechnics and plagiarism was how there was a diverse community of people from all over the world all in this grand cinema to have a bloody good time!

Even I, as phenomenal a dancer as I am, couldn’t help but get up and dance among the many different people all celebrating diversity, this years theme, (despite the show being hosted by 3 seemingly affluent Caucasians- a point Norton made rather amusingly at the start).

I have it on good authority that Duke of York’s will be hosting the party again in 2018 and really recommend you get a group of people to attend and just see it for yourself. It was hilarious yet incredibly moving.


Although we didn’t win, the unity and support for our very own Lucie Jones and her impressive effort was lovely.

So, well done Duke of York’s for turning my Eurovision frown upside down with an event that is just sooooo Brighton it damn near brings a tear to your eye. I will certainly be back with a spring in my step… as long as fucking Jedward never make an appearance-pretty sure they were the ones that ruined it for me in the first place.

Bring on Eurovision ’18!


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