You’ve Got to Pho-king Try This…

Vietnamese food has rightly taken Brighton by storm and continues to grow in popularity and prestige. Newest kid on the block is the cheekily named Holy Phok on Landsdowne Place that offers a plethora of delicious dishes.

BOAB visited this charmingly intimate farm to table restaurant on 07th April, that proudly uses free-range meat and vegetables sourced from Sheffield Farms, and grows many of its own Asian herbs and spices as part of a social enterprise called, Roots to Growth.

I had the pleasure of a dinner sitting but you can order online too. Now, down to tasty reviewing business…

Being a lover of affordable culinary experiences I have to start off by praising Holy Phok’s fabulous value for money. With starters/snacks from £3.50 and mains from £9.25 you’ll receive generous portions that will leave you fuller than a chubby fella at a food festival, and I would phok-ing well know.

HPWe had the pleasure of sampling a range of delights on the menu but most notably for me the VESTO starter (a delicious Vietnamese pesto made with home-grown coriander, garlic, roasted peanuts and chilli. Served with an impressive amount of black sesame crackers.)

This was swiftly followed by a CHARGRILLED STEAK & TAMARIND GLASS NOODLE SALAD (An enormous, healthy and fresh combination of Free-range Sussex bavette steak marinated in apple and soy overnight, house-smoked cherry tomatoes, pickled carrots, radish, fried shallots, Vietnamese farm herbs, toasted peanuts, sesame seeds, vermicelli noodles and dressed with their own tamarind and chilli Vietnamese dressing.) I was blown away and you will be too!

There is something for everyone at Holy Phok including 2 impressive Pho bowls- though I imagine folk with certain food allergies may be a tad limited, but the place is very accommodating and willing to please.

Holy-Phok-Brighton-600x395The food was incredibly well prepared, cooked and presented and will no doubt give Pho, Brighton a run for it’s money.  Especially when combined with the attentive service, excellent waiting staff and beautifully quirky street food dining ambience.

It should also be noted that Holy Phok has a small but expertly crafted selection of cocktails and, never being one to turn down a the booze-ahol, recommend the simple yet refreshing Lemongrass Gin. This tasty number is a perfect accompaniment to Holy Phok’s food and was made with-yep you guessed it- gin, lemon grass, mint and tonic

I can’t praise Holy Phok enough and suggest you book a table immediately, in fact do it now…go on, off you phok!


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