Gorran Kendall at Patterns- A Review

It feels that life of late, with its many arseholeries, has been getting in the way of me exploring more of Brighton’s effervescent music scene and presenting it to fine BOAB readers like yourself. So, I was thrilled when invited to Patterns on Marine Parade last night to bear witness to some impressive live music ripe for the reviewing.

Presented by QM Records, an independent label founded by the famous Normanton Street, the night would feature music across 2 floors with the following main acts: Hava, The Upside Down, Gorran Kendall, Sami James & Matt Murphy.

I was attending predominantly to review Gorran Kendall and his band who I’ve seen busking around Brighton. However the night turned out to be rather special, with all acts I managed to catch bringing something fresh, inventive and entertaining to the table.

Gorran, who swaggered enigmatically into the spotlight has an impressive stage presence and obvious crowd pleasing charisma that reminded me of characters forged from the mind of literary iconoclast Jack Kerouac. The Brighton based lad was surrounded by an enviably nomadic aura further confirmed by his current situation of “getting by busking and playing gigs for a living.”


He plays and write songs both acoustically and with a full band. His style incorporates both the contemporary and popular with obvious roots in folk, country and rock music. He clearly takes inspiration from The Sex Pistols, David Bowie and Bob Dylan to create poignant, punchy and at times hard hitting songs.

The set was predominantly fast, loud and made you want to move, but what stuck in my mind as I sat, classic can of red stripe in hand, gazing up at this striking musical titan was just how little anything seemed to matter. This gravelly powerful voice, stream of raw guitar riffs and heavy drum beats were providing a form of musical escapism for everyone in the club.

The mundane aforementioned arseholerie (this will catch on as a phrase btw) was pushed from thought as I tapped my tootsies to the sound of the band and the ever increasing buzz of the Patterns crowd.

Gorran and the 4 other band members not only sounded the part, showcasing original material, but looked and acted it too. They dressed well, in that wonderfully carefree look only thinner people over 6ft can achieve and had an amazing rapport with the crowd. A highlight for me was Gorran playing his guitar with such vigour he took a string off the thing. However with professionalism and bit of tongue in cheek humour cracked on and the band jammed away while he fixed the issue.

Overall it was a fun, carefree evening of sublime music and one that will stick with me for sometime.

All the bands I saw were insanely talented but I thoroughly recommend you check you Gorran’s SoundCloud, Facebook and YouTube pages to get a full range of his and the band’s talent, and any upcoming gigs.


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