BOAB gives tips on quitting smoking

Bright on a Budget had the pleasure of being invited onto Voice of Islam’s Drive Time show to discuss No Smoking Day on Wednesday, 08th March 2017.

Voice of Islam Radio is a new Digital DAB 24hr radio station which offers news, views, discussion and insight on Islam’s Perspectives on the world today.

It’s a new channel that will inform, engage and give you a chance to express your views on a range of topics. Broadcasting 24 hours a day the station aims to give everyone a space for discussion, for people of faith, no faith or just those with an interest in social peace and greater justice.

Nick, being the head smoker here at BOAB with an arguably acknowledged addictive personality, was best placed to talk about smoking, Brighton and his unusual reasons for quitting (aside from it saving you serious bucks).

You can here the whole interview by clicking here or skip to 1:14:00 for Nick’s nasally contribution to the show.

If you require help quitting check out NHS Smokefree which is filled with handy tips, quit kits and locales around the city that can help you on your journey to tar-less lungs!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone at VOI for the chance to discuss such an important issue.


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