Spreading MODness in Brighton

We have recently joined the MOD revolution and are getting behind our new favourite pizza joint on their quest to spread MODness (definition: (v) The ripple effect of simply doing the right thing).

Over the next week, MOD Pizza will be donating £1 of every pizza purchased across all its UK and US restaurants to a local charity partner.

In Brighton, the ‘MOD Squad’ are teaming up with Rocking horse, a charity dedicated to making life better for sick children in Sussex.

MOD is passionate about giving back to the communities that have welcomed its super fresh, super tasty, super fast pizzas into their ever expanding bellies – and this is just one of the reasons we’re behind MOD.

Now, Brighton all you need to do is shimmy on down to the Marina, maybe get your golf on alongside some glowing dinosaurs, get yourself nice and hungry and then chow down in the smug knowledge that you’re doing something right.

Do the right thing, guys. And share your pizza pics with us over on Twitter while you’re at it using the hashtag #SpreadingMODness!


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