MOD Pizza, the place to quash all FOMO

We’re getting a little bit experimental up in here, yo. Nick and I are going to attempt to write a blog together. With both our thoughts and feelings expressed as one beautiful, seamless, not at all mental narrative. You lucky geese! So here goes, here’s what we think about MOD Pizza…

There are a plethora of pizza places in Brighton, from old school Italian restaurants using secret sauces, to the quick and easy take outs that ease your hungry hangover pangs! But is there something special on the market, something that stands out, something new to excite and delight pizza fanatics?

Well BOAB readers, the answer is yes! If it was no we’d all be wasting our time. Anyhoo… enter the new kid on the block, MOD Pizza.

MOD is fairly new to the UK having come over from the US a few months ago and setting up the first UK store in Leeds. The super-fast pizza franchise first opened its doors in downtown Seattle in 2008 and is founded by Scott and Ally Svenson. They were inspired by their love of authentic Italian street pizza and, obviously, the UK Mod movement of the 60s and 70s that Brighton is renowned for. 

Fun fact – MOD stands for ‘modification’ ya ya. And it applies most dandily to this concept because you are able to modify all of their off-the-menu pizzas with whatever extras you want, FOR FREE. Honestly, at this point, I have to tell you how happy this makes me. Nick isn’t OTT into pizza (what a ninny), but as a lover of pizza and all the food-type things, the fact that I don’t have to choose between olives and sweetcorn is just the greatest thing. 

MOD really is the pizza place to quash all fear of missing out!

Admittedly I was a little nervous of MOD to start with. Super-fast anything in the food industry is, in my snobby mind, associated with greasy miscellaneous meat, slappy beige carbs and no care given to the art of cooking.

However MOD is most certainly NONE of those things.

Upon entering you are met with a sort of Subway style counter, but instead of dodgy looking salady bits (Nick, you love Subway!), there’s a superb selection of fresh toppings, herbs, sauces and drizzles to tailor your pizza.

Either use one of the 10 starting pizzas to get you going or begin completely from scratch, it doesn’t matter at MOD because: a) it’s the same price, no matter how much you edit your pizza and b) it’s all bloody delicious.

And c) you can add things to your base that you never knew you needed on a pizza. Now I’ve had a traditional tomato sauce meets garlic paste meets basil base combo, I’m unsure how I’ll ever eat a ‘boring’ pizza again. 

In a matter of minutes you have ordered a pizza exactly how you want it at no extra cost, which you can then takeaway or enjoy in house.

We had a whole bottle of prosecco while we tucked into our’s. It’s not exactly the environment that lends itself to prosecco mind you. 

The décor is bright, contemporary and very American (in a good way.) It had a sort of modern family-owned diner feel that fits perfectly with the restaurants USP.

I’m actually not a huge pizza fan truth be told but I’d eat there every day if I could. I went for an untraditional white sauce and artichoke focussed pizza, while The Ninny enjoyed a more bit of the traditional red sauce and bit of everything approach. Obviously I preferred mine and vice versa but both were spot on!

I actually don’t think Nick’s was spot on. Who has cream on a pizza?! But that wasn’t MOD’s fault. That was a real case of poor taste. 

Plus if the affordable price, quick turnaround and excellently cooked pizza wasn’t enough, the manager, Mark, is an absolute delight who takes the art of pizza-making seriously and employs polite, attentive staff to create a really charming atmosphere.

They also do insanely delicious cinnamon dough sticks, have affordable alcohol and a student discount!

If you’re feeling rather full after your pizza, get some cinnamon sticks to take away. They’re wonderful hot and cold and their dipping sauces are to die for!

Overall we were hugely impressed and suggest getting your fineself down to the Marina right now.

YES! Plus for those that get freaky about gluten (like me, when the mood takes me), they have a great gluten free base! HOORAH! 


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