Staying in the spooky spirit to support young people with learning disabilities

A week has passed since Hallow’s eve, and what a bloody frightful year it has been. What with Trump, Brexit and the ‘killer clown’ phase, it’s a relief 2016 is almost at an end.

However amongst the thrills and kills Halloween brought amongst, there has been something fun, lively and inspiring to come out of this October’s festivities in Brighton.

Oban Digital, a Brighton-based international media and marketing agency, chose to support St. John’s School and College, a special educational needs organisation and charity, by holding a Halloween Spooktacular.

On 28th October 2016 Oban staff and Directors dressed as zombies (for International Zombie Day, obvs) and re-enacted Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance in the graveyard of St. Nicholas’ Church on Dyke Road.

The dance was on Halloween to raise awareness and funds to support the purchase of learning disability equipment for the 100+ pupils of St. John’s.

Oban staff had been tirelessly holding dance rehearsals before and after their working hours to prepare for the main event. The video will feature the whole dance and a variety of costumes paying homage to international dress and culture whilst being a lot of fun too.

Nicholas Cross (yes it’s me shamelessly plugging the charity I work for), St. John’s Development Officer said, “We have never had support of this kind before. The effort, creativity and generosity from Oban and their clients has been staggering.

“They are hoping to raise £500 but are already well on the way to making a lot more. The video will be very impressive and I hope lots of the public see it, share it and most importantly donate.”

James Smith, Head of Operations at Oban, said, “It’s a pleasure to support such a worthwhile learning disability charity and I hope we raise lots of money and awareness for their cause. They are a small but life-changing organisation and when the video goes live on Halloween we hope to cause a stir.”

So BOAB fans, give a little love to St. John’s and Oban, as they get freaky in a cemetery.

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