Striving for a work/life balance in Brighton

I woke up at 5.30 this morning to water my garden and gaze out across Hanover on the other side of the valley. The rising sun made the view appear captured in an over-exposed photograph – a different kind of beautiful.


I was awake that early not to catch my long commute to the office but because, like a virtuous mistress of long sought vitamin D, I was heading to yoga on the beach, followed by a sea swim, followed by my usual 9-5.30.

This, the hottest day of the year and me, not stuck in someone’s armpit on a tube but doing sun salutations to the English Channel with a group of fierce female goddesses on a jetty out to sea (that last bit isn’t exactly true but that it was like a jetty in my head).


And I got thinking about how truly fortunate my life is here. How I can work only ten minutes from my beautiful home, how I have time to go to an hour-long yoga class, and have a swim in the sea, and still make work in time to get changed and presentable. How after work I can walk straight to the beach and sit while the waves waltz with the seagulls and the sun comes down in its own sweet, slow way.

As you will know from reading our blog, we are very much fans of Brighton. And I often feel lucky. But this morning I felt extra so. And I think that’s something worth sharing. For gratitude doesn’t cost a thing.


If you’re looking for a very reasonable (cost wise), very amazing way to start the day, head down to About Balance tomorrow at 7.15am and join us for sun salutations and sea swims.


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