Free and Fanciful: The People’s Festival

Zumba, Lindy Hop with Bulgarian Dance routines, the twang of jazz and blues, Bunty Loops and moonlight poetry under an absent moon.

This is Brighton, the UK’s Brightest City. Full of colourful characters that have no place further inland – there the water is spiked with fear and distrust of the stranger; and it’s definitely much greyer, the further North you venture.

So Brighton, what whimsical wonder will this weekend find?

The People’s Festival will cartwheel onto Hove Lawns on Sunday 17th July, showcasing any and every local act that could be found.

Organised by the people, for the people, the free festival will bring you a selection of Brighton’s brightest talent, from singers to theatrical performers, dancers and spoken word wrappers.

Showing that community isn’t dead and there can still be a colourful life post-Brexit, the People’s Festival kicks off at 12pm and will carry you all the way through till 7. Then you can enjoy the setting sun over the English Channel and thank your lucky stars you’re here right now.

Get involved.


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