Artists’ Open Houses – a retrospect

Brighton lives and breathes the arts in its many glorious forms. From wearable paintings to £20,000 art installations, we’re a creative hub of the weird, wonderful and wacky.

The epitome of the cities love affair with art has to be the Artist Open Houses, held every weekend in May. This event lets artsy types turn their houses into galleries with predominantly local artists selling and displaying their wares.

All around the city you can purchase sculptures, paintings, jewellery and much more as Brighton comes alive to facilitate your art adoration. There are 196 houses this year acting as galleries on 14 separate trails inhabited with the work of over 1200 artists.

This event is particularly special as you will not only discover inspiring local work but peak down streets you never knew existed and explore some impressive abodes dotted around our fair city.

Take for example Breezier No. 46, a personal favourite of mine on The West Hove Trail, which I visit every year. This gorgeous three story home, owned by Silversmith and Jewellery Designer Jane Cross, is a work of art in and of itself but throw in the work of 14 artists and it becomes an elegant explosion on the senses.

You’ll be greeted by the scent of home cooked food (the lemon and blueberry cake is to die for and very reasonably priced), friendly faces and more mixed media than you can shake a stick at! The house is expansive yet intimate and often supports a local charity. This year they’re supporting Brighton and Seaford-based St. John’s School and College, a charity that supports over 100 young people with learning disabilities. St. John’s also has a slot as an artist and is selling textiles and homeware created by their young people!

Breezier No. 46 features workshops, has a landscaped children-friendly garden and is one of the best on the trail, if not the whole dang event… in fact please vote for them to win best house they bloody deserve it and I’m sure the same 2 houses suspiciously win each year!

Anyway conspiracy theories aside, AOH is unlike any arts event I have ever had the pleasure of attending and will continue to so long as there’s air in my lungs, blood in my veins and a general interest in art/noiseying round people’s kitchens!


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