Authentic Chinese in Brighton

If you’re looking for authentic Chinese food but can’t quite afford the flight to the Orient, put on your elasticated trousers and head to Sichuan Garden on Queens Road.

Tuck into some duck neck, nibble upon the undercarriage of a jellyfish, or, for the nay so brave, chomp on down on the kung pow chicken because it is GREAT! Having lived in Shanghai, I am a BIG fan of Chinese food, so much so that it makes ME SHOUT IN CAPITAL LETTERS AAAAAH!!


And I miss it. So imagine my ABSOLUTE JOY when I discovered a menu with more animal parts than an exotic abattoir. Now duck neck, beak and flippers aren’t for me, but you sure can tell your authentic Chinese from your sweet and sour crap by the range of terrifying offerings on their menu.

So for those who are adventurous, or who want to just give it a go, head there now and let us know how you fare!


Hup and holla,

Sophie x


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