Brighton Fashion Week

As anyone who’s ever seen me dress will know… I don’t have a great understanding of fashion (girlfriend disclaimer…this is Nick, NOT Sophie).

My limited experience has been collated through Zoolander stereotypes and the news of Naomi Campbell allegedly having a pop at her limousine driver!  So when I had the chance of attending the Brighton Fashion Week (BFW) Industry Networking event, I didn’t know what to expect.

Set in the vibrant Open Air Market on London Road, the 2 hour event was filled with fashion and food stalls. Fortunately it wasn’t filled with vapid ‘Blue Steel’ pouters and fashionista snobbery. I was met by friendly, passionate and interesting people with a real love for their art.

It provided designers, exhibitors, organisers and the public with a chance to chat, celebrate the success of Brighton Fashion Week so far, and plan for the upcoming final parts of the overall event.

Before getting to the fashion side of things I should mention that everyone was kept suitably refreshed and fed with delectable sushi from Okinami, awesome flavoured popcorn by Proper Corn and reenergising smoothies from Mojo Coffee (I thoroughly recommend their Ginger Zinger by the way!)

I spoke to a few designers and exhibitors, who were mostly hardworking university students looking to break into the art and fashion scene. One clearly impressive individual was Brighton University student Theresa who said, “It’s hard work, of course. I don’t have a studio or anything so I work from my room down the road… I’m really excited to have my work in the fashion show tomorrow.” Part of BFW is clearly about celebrating and nurturing the cities up and coming talent.

The theme of BFW this year is sustainability. It was therefore great to see the Love Your Clothes stand and their impressive centre piece, created from a tonne of discarded clothes! The not for profit organisation focuses on raising awareness of the value of clothes and helping people make the most of them; instead of throwing them away and harming the planet.

The attendees were treated to an eloquent and passionate introduction from the incredibly stylish BFW Director/Founder, Lizzy Bishop. This was followed by a brief talk from a representative of Love Your Clothes and a moving explanation of the benefits of Fairtrade clothing.

Overall it was a fantastic but brief event that shone a light on what Brighton Fashion Week is all about-innovation, substance, inclusion and eco-responsibility. From ethically made shoes to getting my hands on the latest WHM magazine it was an all-inclusive, fun and informative evening.

The final events coming up will be particularly impressive so remember to check out the BFW website and buy your tickets. (After sharing this article with everyone you know of course!)

I would also like to use this somewhat public forum to thank Brighton Fashion Week organisers for the opportunity to be involved with the event…I applaud thee and can’t wait for whatever next year has in store.


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