Yoga can’t put a price on calm

I’ve been gone a while.

Life had taken me by the lapels, waltzed me around, dipped me low, brought me up slow and put me back on the ground with a certain kind of daze that has, until now, left time spinning at quite an astonishing rate.

I started a new job, Nick moved in, he started a new job. Brighton got warm, and cold, and warm, and cold. Our office moved into town. Erika came to stay. My dad moved to California. I gave my cat away. I kept a basil plant alive for more than a few months (it’s still alive – reincarnating as we speak). Nick’s sister got married. I discovered a love for yoga.

It’s easy to get waylaid by the spinning top of time. For one such as me, prone to bouts of anxiety and not always very good at being calm, there is a danger of becoming overwhelmed. Overwhelmed looks like this:


That’s where yoga comes in. To force a frantic mind to be still, focus, balance a while, be uncomfortable and do it anyway, get better, push harder. Be calm. It’s empowering.

I’ve started practicing yoga three-four times a week. I go to the studio at Active4Less on Blatchington Road in Hove. I practice wonderful morning salutations with Effie Love at About Balance and every Tuesday, I go to Sweaty Betty – they do free classes at 6.15pm every Tuesday.

Go. Although be quick, the limited spaces fill up almost immediately. Spaces become available at around 7am every Wednesday morning. Sneeze and you may miss them. The classes at Sweaty Betty are fantastic and the space, although slightly cramped and running the risk of pulling a rack of sports bras on your head, is calm and exclusive.

If you don’t get a space at Sweaty Betty, go to any number of the yoga classes at About Balance. With a monthly Karma Card, the classes are only £6 for an hour. And honestly, you can’t put a price on calm, especially when you think that it’s around about the same price as a pint, or a glass of vino.

Anyway, I’m back now. Still not zen of course, but definitely more calm. Taking in Brighton, one budget adventure at a time.


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