11 regrets of people who get too drunk at after work drinks

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Group of friends standing at bar, smiling ‘I’m only going for a couple’ (Picture: Getty)

We’ve all been there, someone suggests going for a couple after work, nothing hectic, just a casual drink at the pub.

Fast forward 12 hours and you’re unsure you can ever go back to your job.

Here are some common regrets of anyone who has ever had one (or seven) too many at after work drinks.

1. Photo evidence

Finding selfies on your phone of you and someone very senior who clearly doesn’t want to feature in your photoshoot.

You’re way more into it, have your arm around their neck and your tongue is out.

2.  The drunken brainstorm

You vaguely remember pitching 30 ideas for a project to your boss. In front of everyone. With some slurring. What if it comes up in a meeting on Monday? What if it’s never mentioned again and everyone assumes you are unstable?

3. Over-sharing

It seemed…

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