Join the EDL this Sunday

HA! You didn’t think we were talking about the English Defense League did you? Oh you silly dickens. Nay, the EDL of which we speak is the all sparkling, all rocking, fanfuckingtastic English Disco Lovers, and they’re coming to a spiegeltent near you this bank holiday Sunday.

English Disco Lovers

What better way to celebrate the joys of being English than to rave-out to cheesy disco music in a pop-up venue by the beach, guzzling guilt-free beer for the second Sunday in May because, let’s be honest, May is where it’s at.

We rocked up a couple of Sundays ago (this is their second fringe event this year) and had one of the best nights out we’ve had in ages. There were cocktails, burgers, funky banner loving, stage dancing and Tina Turner.

And the Spiegeltent alone is an excellent venue, made more so by the many cheeky references to circus life and cabaret – the dream.

Tickets for this Sunday are £6 but will sell out very quickly. It’s also possible to barter for tickets on the EDL’s Facebook page, or do what we did, and rock up, hoping for the best (it worked!)

So if you want to proliferate the spread of no-holes-barred dancing to the masses of our fair isle, share this article. Every time you do, a “real” EDL member gets their sandwich stolen by a seagull.

Have a great bank holiday, chums!

EDL Brighton


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