Cheap eats: Peas with bacon & swede

PBS is one of my favourite cheap eats and so easy to make it should be a crime. This colourful and tasty dish can be made with fresh or frozen peas but always use good quality bacon.


2 big handfuls of peas

Couple of bacon rashers or good quality lardons

Good pinch of pepper

Half a swede

Half table spoon of olive oil

Pinch of salt

Tea spoon of butter

Now let us begin:

Peel and cube your swede into mouth size chunks and boil in salted water or steam until soft. I like a little crunch with my swede but cook to your preference.

While that cooks chop your bacon into little bits and shuck your peas if necessary. Cook your peas in slightly salted water or over the steamer.

Heat the oil in a frying pan and cook your bacon bits or lardons. I like it very crispy and recommend this as it adds another texture to the dish.

If one vegetable is done before the other just take it off the heat and leave the lid on your pan or steamer this should keep it hot while the other cooks through.

When all is cooked, stir the butter into the hot swede and add your pepper. I use a half and half mix of black and white which really compliments the swede.

Mix it all in a big bowl and serve.

It sounds very simple but with good quality ingredients this dish is colourful comfort food at its best, and relatively healthy.



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