Affordable health & well-being in Brighton

In my last post I spoke about how I’m on a mission to be still. I have to admit, I’m struggling – I just really like being busy and there’s a part of me that feels guilty any time I take a break. However, I’m realising that the difficulty of achieving something may provide greater self-realisation than the achievement itself. As my brother says, “the struggle is real”. Struggle1680x1050 Luckily, I’m not walking this talk alone. I have a whole centre of practitioners on hand to help me and it’s these gems of karmic splendour that I wish to talk about today. So, let’s take a walk down East Street towards the sea. Stop outside Vbites Cafe and go in a while, have a cup of tea. It may not be immediately obvious but above this vegan eatery are two floors of treatment rooms and a beautiful yoga studio. Now, usually things that are good for you cost a lot of money – gym memberships, yoga, Pilates, massages, organic food, wine – but this is health and well-being with a difference. About Balance is like the Hisbe of the holistic world. It’s run by two lovely ladies, Hannah and Effie, and was started as a way to provide a wide range of health practitioners an affordable space to rent so that they, in turn, can provide an affordable service to you. About Balance has around 20 different therapists practising everything from the well-known, yoga, massage and acupuncture to the more abstract, constellation therapy, scenar (which is basically like mini electric shocks) and  craniosacral therapy. The classes are already cheaper than you would pay at a regular treatment rooms, and if you buy a “Karma Card” for £15 a month (you don’t need to sign a contract), you will get the majority of them half price or less. This may not be a sustainable option over a whole year, but if you’re looking for some calm, or are recovering from an injury, and want some intensive treatment for a few months, it’s really the best deal I’ve seen in Brighton. What I love the most about the concept is the community feel – they regularly do open days where you can meet the therapists and try treatments for less, as well as days to raise money for local charities. I’ve been to 12 of the classes over the past two weeks, which has resulted in a feeling of real appreciation for the work they do – I’ll write some more detailed accounts about the more off-the-wall experiences later in the week. I know holistic therapy isn’t for everyone. In fact, I joke regularly about my chakras being out of alignment and the total absence of zen in and about my person. So, if there’s one takeaway that can really resonate with everyone, regardless of your scepticism, it’s that opening your mind to a new experience, especially if you didn’t really believe in it’s merits, can let in a choo choo train of unexpected realisations.  I saw that I often act without thought, and I’m trying to stop myself and think before I say yes to things from now on. Just like living better on a budget, health and well-being take an investment of time and energy. For me, About Balance is a really fantastic place to start that journey. At the very least, you’ll have some pretty wacky experiences to put in your pocketbook for later. By Sophie J Photo by EnKayTee


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