Learning how to be still

I’ve found myself a zen master. I’m pretty sure he’s spent several years perched on the side of China’s highest mountain and now he’s teaching me – buzzy old, mental me – to be still.

It’s not easy.

Thursday I rocked up, having no idea what to expect, and ended the session with several needles in my face, trying desperately to embody the type of person who know how to relax. It didn’t really work. If anything, it highlighted my absolute inability to be zen. Must try harder.


I got introduced to Marcus, which is his name when he’s not looking deep into people’ chakras, through a barter  situation I have going on with a health and well-being centre in town – more on how to get yourself one of those in another post. Marcus has taught me some breathing techniques to carry with me on my jolly journey to absolute chillosity.

I thought this deserved a post because learning to be still is just about the cheapest thing you can do. Literally, you do nothing. Just breathe and think about your breath. You spend zero money doing that. And the beauty of this stillness business is, the more you do it, the more you want to do it and the greater benefit it will have on your overall well-being. Also, the more you do things that are free, the more money you save – right?

The challenge is this – grab a pillow, get yourself comfy, set your alarm for five minutes, close your eyes and breathe. As you breathe in, relax your feet, as you breathe out, try to make yourself as heavy as you can and drop your shoulders. Imagine the sound of waves; the rocking of a boat.

Do you feel more zen? I’m still not there yet but I’m going to keep trying. I have a feeling the practise will make me better at thinking before I spend, which is, of course, the aim of this whole giddy thing.

I’d love to know if you have any tips on how I can be better at being still. Let me know in the comments below.


If being still sounds up your street, check out these centres around the city where you can go for guided meditation for £3-£7 a session:

Meditate in Brighton

Brighton Buddhist Centre

Sussex Meditation

Also, check out About Balance – they’re new to the health and well-being game and offer a wide range of therapies at reasonable prices. Again, more about those fine fellows later.

Author: Sophie J

Images by Moyan Brenn and Alice Popkorn


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