9 (almost) free things to do in Brighton

The best things in life are not free – champagne, oysters, watching fantastic plays from plush, ornate boxes. Alas, those treats are for a life less trodden. For the every day, we look towards having fun more cheaply.

Luckily we live in Brighton, which, let’s be honest, is pretty ruddy great really. Here’s just a handful of fab things you can do for next to nothing:

1. Explore the flea market

Oh so much potential hides behind the North Laines. From tat to must-have-that, a Saturday afternoon spent perusing the wares will never be in vain.

2. Snoop around paradise

What could be more exciting than old cameras nestled next to typewriters propping up propaganda posters? Enter Oz through the turnstile and embrace the musty scent of yore. I could spend hours snooping through other people’s pasts and, with great restraint, have a totally free lesson in history.

3. Take your pennies to the pier

Not going to lie, I’m not a fan of arcades. They’re loud and full of people shooting screens and the food generally sucks. That said, the pier is one of Brighton’s gaudy little gems and it’s phallic domination of the shore is pretty hard to ignore.

If you’re more woo than moo, however, you may love it. Bring a date and sample the many noodle options available.

Brighton pier

4. Walk to the Artists’ Quarter

This part of the sea wall is in the process of being even more jazzed up. The little hidey holes, situated under the arches between the two piers, house a range of different artists’ workshops and treasure troves.

5. Brighton fishing museum

Nick’s favourite – I’ll let him tell you why he can’t get enough of Brighton’s fishing scene.

6. Skim pebbles at the beach

I’m told the large flat ones are the best. This might also be a good technique for picking up girls. What do I know – I’m hopeless at both.

Playing catch

7. Relax in the Pavilion gardens

A little bit of the far east in our pretty city. The Pavilion gardens are definitely one of the best places to kick back and relax during the warmer months. Take pictures and tag us in them on Twitter. The view never gets old. The sea gulls, however…


8. A country walk in Stanmer Park

Hop on the number 25 bus from right outside the Pavilion and cruise on up towards Sussex University. Get off at Stanmer Park and have yourself an adventure. This natural beaut was named one of Britain’s top 10 walks by the Independent – have a teddy bear’s picnic in Pudding Bag Wood, I have no idea if it’s nice but my, what a name!

9. DIY Graffiti tour

Did you know there’s a Banksy in Brighton? I know right!? Radical. Actually, I must confess I’ve never actually seen it, and I’m pretty sure it was stolen and is actually a replica, but it’s still pretty cool.

Brighton’s fab for street art, from the famous electric boxes by Cassette Lord to the bright murals on the sides of buildings – go and explore.

kissing cops

By Sophie J


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