5 DIY Valentines gift ideas

It’s the one time of the year when you can be unashamedly, sickeningly, grotesquely soppy. Of course it’s undeniable that Valentine’s day is basically just a Hallmark holiday where the bastards that be, get rich off of our stupidity.10947295_10152696308797759_8669640155649305150_n

However, what if you take away the ott expenditure, get creative and use it as an opportunity to show your significant other (or indeed your bff) how much you care?

Nick and I have a long-standing tradition of making each other things for any given occasion. He’s set himself the rather steep challenge, after several years together, of giving me a list of 50 things he loves about me, adding another 50 with each Vday that passes. We’re now on 150 and the reasons are becoming slightly tenuous – “I love the way you draw your eyebrows on each morning.”

If, like us, you’re strapped for cash and looking for some Vday inspiration, here are five of my favourite DIY gifts:

  1. Filofax love cards

Simply chose something you love/an inside joke for each letter and you’ve got yourself a thoughtful gift for the £7-10 it costs to buy the filofax. If you want to be even more creative, spruce up that baby and really go to town.

  1. 12 pre-planned date ideas

These can range from picnics on the beach in summer to a cinema trip on a cold, winter night. The idea is to make sure you spend some quality time alone together at least once a month, so stick to the date and the plan a,nd make the most of a bita shmoozing.


  1. Homemade hot chocolate jar

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like some grated chocolate in a jar. My personal favourite is grated Terry’s chocolate orange with a few larger chunks for good measure. Fill a mason jar, top with some marshmallows, attach a heart-felt note and hey presto, you got yourself a very respectable wee gifty.

  1. Romantic boozey treats

Cover your significant other’s favourite tipple in a personalised label. Easy peasy and a little bit sleezy.

  1. Valentines day poppers


This is a great idea and a little nod to this fab blog At the Picket Fence where I stole the idea from (thanks laides!) Check out their DIY tutorial and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image by WilB


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