8 DIY Secret Santa ideas (for under £10)

Deck the halls with a shed load of cash….it’s Christmas time!

Last year, before I entered the road to super human splendour and stuff, I got myself into quite the sticky wicket with a credit card and a big ole heart full of Christmas-giving cheer. This year, I’ve decided to be more sensible and, in my bid to save money and give my loved ones a more personal gift, have actually discovered some pretty cool DIY gift ideas. Here are my top picks:

1. Postcard collage

You will need: A4 canvas, collection of postcards, glue

What to do: This can be done using any number of postcards. I made mine with penguin classic book sleeves but also have a pretty idea for another using 1940s postcards from around Europe. Amazon have a wide selection and most packages come with between 50 and 100 cards for around the £10 mark, making one unique piece of art for less than a fiver. For more information about how I did it, check out our blog post – create a work of art for £1.14.


2. Personalised cookery scrap book

You will need: A large, plain papered book from a cheap stationary shop – perhaps even the pound shop, although it needs to be quite thick to be effective; print offs of the giftee’s favourite things, scissors, varnish or assotate, glue.

What to do: Stick the images onto the front and back cover in any way you wish. You can customise with the person’s name on the front in different material. Varnish over the top to give it a glossy, more professional feel, but make sure the varnish isn’t too thick, as it could make the ink run. Alternatively, you can cover it in a large piece of sticky assotate.

Start the book off with cut outs of some delicious recipes and maybe even tie a small wooden spoon to the book with ribbon.

Easy, cheap and wonderful.

(Image to follow, don’t want to spoil any surprises).

3. Book frame

This is so beautiful, I think I’ll have to make one for myself.

Full details here.

DIY book frame

4. Grow your own chilli sauce

You will need: A packet of chilli seeds with some dried chilli, a pack of mustard seeds and a pack of celery seeds, a box or package, a print-out of chill-sauce recipe, some card.

What to do: Combine all seeds in the box or packet. Type up the recipe for chilli sauce, make it look a bit snazzy and print it onto cardboard.

Vola, your DIY make-your-own chilli sauce is ready at a fraction of the price. Perfect for the dare-devil office lad (or lady).

5. Damson vodka with personalised glass

This one take a bit of prep, as it needs to be prepared now in order to be ready by Christmas, but is so easy and can provide a gift for the whole (adult) family.

You will need: 1 litre of vodka, 500 grams of sugar, 1 kg damsons.

For the full recipe, visit here.

For the personalised glass, you will need: Glass paints and either a lead pen or a permanent marker. A tumbler or, for a much cheaper option, a tea light holder or shot glass, which you can turn into a teeny  sipper.

6. Instagram coasters

You will need: Piece of cork, glue, instagram cut-outs, card varnish or assotate.

What to do: Cut the cork into circles and cut the images and card the same size to match. Glue the card to the cork and the image to the card. Finish with varnish or assotate cut to size.

DIY instagram coaster

7. His & her letters

You will need: 1 qty of plain flour, ½ qty table salt, ½ qty of cold tap water (it works by one measure to half measures so you can dictate how much you think you will need).

What to do: Make yourself some salt dough following our nifty recipe and then use it to fashion whatever you please. Doing letters is quite an easy option and rather trendy at the moment. This could also be a great wedding present for those thrift seekers amongst.

Once the letters have baked and cooled, get creative with paints or fabric to really jazz them up.

8. Personalised champagne glass

You will need: Glass paints and either a lead pen or a permanent marker. A champagne glass or whatever objet d’art you decide.

Get jazzy…go wild!

This couldn’t be easier but makes a beautiful, personalised gift that can be used all year round. There are some more ideas on Pinterest.

For an even cheaper alternative, paint glass jars and put tea lights inside them.

DIY personalised champagne glass

We’d love to see how you get on so send us your pics via instagram or Twitter, or leave them in the comment section below.

Happy creative Christmas!

Images by look whatmelissamade & Don O’Brien


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