Create a work of art for £2.20

I am very excited about this art project, mainly because it looks fantastic but was so ridiculously easy and cheap.

What you will need:

  • Penguin classics book jackets postcards – £10.49 for 100, I got mine from Amazon
  • I used 12 postcards for each canvas – £1.20 (ish) – and have so many left over for exciting projects to come (my other half is thrilled)
  • Glue gun (I already had one. If you’re going to buy one, it’ll add more to the cost now but is well worth the investment)
  •  A4 sized canvas – £1 from the pound store (I made two so my costs were doubled)

Step one:

Lay out all the postcards and have a jolly old time deciding which are your faves. I chose mine based on colour combinations and the funkiness of the art work rather than how much I actually like the books.

Step two:

Stick them onto the canvas. I chose to do mine portrait because the postcards are all portrait but if you choose another style of postcard, landscape would work too.

Finished. It is literally that easy. Hazzaaaaa. Amazing. Hooray!


What do you think? Are you bowled over by wonderment? Or maybe you have some even better ideas. Leave us a comment in the section below.

Image by Michelle Tribe


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