DIY super hero lamp shade

Giddy alert – this lamp project is freaking excellent.

What you will need:

  • Glue gun with lots of sticks, those things run out quickly – £15
  • Old fashioned, stand alone lamp (can use a table lamp) – £15
  • Fabric (I got mine from ebay for £15 per metre) – £30
  • Ribbon to finish off – £5
  • Scissors
  • Patience
  • Preferably a team mate

Total: £65 for your one-of-a-kind, statement piece.

I found me this beeeeautiful 1930s stand-alone lamp in an antiques warehouse in Suffolk. It cost an amazing £15 and was a looker all by itself. Quick tip: Don’t look for antiques in Brighton, they will always be exponentially more expensive.


But I wanted to jazz it up some. So I bought some vintage marvel comic material and black and white Betty Boop material off ebay.

Step one:

Remove the fringe (carefully as you will need this later) and the existing material. Cut out one panel of the material to use as a template.


Step two:

Using the template, cut out as many panels as you need. Ensure you leave about two centimetres the whole way round so you can then tuck the material under the frame later (it’s better to have the panels too big than too small, as we unfortunately learned the hard way).

Step three:

Pin the panel to the top and bottom of the frame to hold it in place. Heat the glue gun and begin sticking the panels to the frame, one at a time. You will need to go very slowly, glueing straight onto the frame and sticking as you go along to ensure the glue doesn’t dry before you’ve managed to get the material on. Quick tip: Pat the material to make it stick, don’t pinch it or it will become puckered and uneven. Leave the top and bottom sections until you have done everything else.


Step four:

Fold the top sections over. We did this by sticking the middle of each section first and then folding the edges to make it as closely fit to the shape of the frame as possible.

unnamed (2)

Step five:

Run your ribbon from the top of the seam down, making sure to place it exactly where the two pieces of fabric meet, while keeping it as straight as possible.

unnamed (1)

Step six:

Fold the fabric under at the bottom in a similar way as you did at the top. Stick the ribbon underneath.

Step seven:

Glue the original fringe back along the bottom (this is best accomplished with two people.


Step eight:

Stand back and admire your transformed lamp of wonder.




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