Plateau: Fine dining in the South Lanes

Where: 1 Bartholomews, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1HG

Cost: £20

One of Brighton’s many gems is the elegantly named Plateau. A beautiful wine bar (with smashing cocktails) that, despite its shabby chic splendour, is not that expensive. 20 of your British pounds can go a long way in Plateau, so kick back, relax and enjoy the delights it has in store.

So you’re seated with whomever and you have only 20 bob at your disposal. You’re not famished but you could eat and you’d like more than a soft drink, so let us begin.

The drink (more specifically, the cocktails):

They range from £6.00-8.50 and have done extremely well at crafting complex flavoured, hard hitting and beautiful looking beverages. They have an £8.00 cocktail of the week that is particularly special, the last one I tried was the Myrtle Bank Special Rhum Punch. It was made of plateau house agricole rhum, fresh lime, heering cherry brandy and a dash of gomme. I am told it was first made at the Myrtle Bank Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica in the late 18th century. It was fresh, fizzy with a undercurrent of tangy molasses.

They also have artisan beer, cider and of course wine by the glass, carafe or bottle. I recommend a glass of the sparkling the Perle Noir. A lovely French pale rosé of the pinot noir variety.

The food:

Their menu is designed for sharing so you can get a fair few bites for your buck or splash out on a larger sharing plate. They range from the traditional charcuterie or fromagé plate to the more experimental pigs head, squid, kimchi bite or lamb tongue, barley, labneh, flat bread bite! I haven’t tried them all but I thoroughly recommend the ox cheek, mussels, radish bite for £8.00. This leaves me with a dandy £4.00 and just enough to get some truffle and duddleswell frites.


It’s the perfect place to chill out and have a drink and they occasionally have local bands performing soulful blues, upbeat jazz or some urban hiphop. Believe me, you will love this place!


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