Brighton: a hub of innovation

Behind many of Brighton’s most alluring quirks, trends and movements is an entrepreneurial spirit.

We have our own, much loved, brand of coffee; are home to nationally renowned street food vendors from around the world. Here you can find universes fashioned from chocolate. Brighton is also the birth place of The Body Shop, a legacy that now spans the globe and has affected hundreds of thousands of lives through campaigns and social initiatives. Our community of movers and makers forms an integral part of our story.

There are now 4.6 million Brits who are self-employed and we can see many of them living and working in Brighton. The co-working spaces around the city are booming in popularity and, particularly for those working within the digital industries, it seems Brighton is the perfect city to find support and encouragement to help fuel the decision to go freelance.

For any beautiful readers who are debating whether this may be the best move for you, I have been working with a team of creatives over at Crunch to put together this short documentary about freelancing and how to make the leap from full-time employment. I hope you find it useful.


One thought on “Brighton: a hub of innovation

  1. Jack Torrance says:

    I heard that there would soon be a review of one my favourite books called Invisibles. Yet I am unable to find it on your website.


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