What to do when it’s raining

Welcome to the Great British Autumn where no conversation is complete without a jolly good natter about the weather.

Don’t be sad about it though, it’s all par for the course. Instead get creative, stay indoors. Say fooey to you, you predictable bastard. Cuddle up warm and enjoy the time to reflect. Reflection can become quite boring though, after the fifth consecutive weekend in a row. So why not have a little fun.

A quick Google on rainy day activities revealed a sad thing. Apparently rainy day fun is reserved only for little ones. Er no…no that’s not fair at all. So I decided to add a little va va voom to the PG rated rainy day.

1. Plan for the zombie apocalypse

If, like me, you’re hoping for aliens over zombies, you may need to change tack slightly, but the premise is the same.

What better opportunity to map out your strategy than when there’s absolutely nothing else to do? Of course this plan may change over time, and that’s ok too. But here are a few nifty areas to help guide you:

  •  Decide whether you’re going to be a fleer, fighter or sacrificial lamb – this will form your next move
  • Choose your weapon. Don’t be greedy now and mythical creatures don’t count. No mega dragon fire ball blazer, you’ve got to take this business seriously
  • Where is the best place to get to? You may not have access to communication. Where would zombies hate? It could be something mental like the little chef off the A1, somewhere in the arse end of no where that no one ever goes to out of choice
  • Who will be your army of slayers? Choose wisely or your decision may come back to bite you.

Now put your plan in a top secret location and wait for the signal.

images (2)

2. Build a fort

This is one of the funnest and most brilliant things to do, ever. All you need are a fews chairs, some sheets and lots of cushions. There are not very many things more comforting than the sound of rain pounding down on the roof, apart from sitting inside a home-made fort listening to the sound of rain pounding down on the roof.

It’s like camping without the wild wee. It’s quite great. If you want to spice it up, pretend you’re having a sexy picnic with your significant other (or whoever you choose to do that sort of business with) and romanticise the bajeesus out of that fort.


3. Have a board game and cheese marathon

Literally, what can be better than playing Articulate, or Cluedo, or Frustration, while eating an array of cheeses and drinking red wine?

4. Dance party

No rainy day is complete without a dance party. If you’re on your own, even better. No one appreciates those shapes like you do.

If you can bare the effort, take mattresses off the beds and make a bouncy castle to host your groove. This may actually be even funner than cheese and board games. Man, it feels good to flail.

5. Get crafty

This is why it is absolutely imperative that you keep a box of craft materials in your house at all times. Painting is obviously one option. Others include making whole worlds out of salt dough, cutting up glow sticks, putting them in empty jam jars and shaking up with glitter (so you can pretend you are on another planet??!!!), face painting, plasticine…oh the opportunities are endless. I have built up a very jolly box of arts and craft supplies over the years, ensuring I never spend more than £1.50 on any single item. There is never an excuse to be bored again!

glitter jar Do you have any top tips? Leave your suggestions in the comments and help keep Brighton busy during this rainy season.


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