Salt dough recipe

Salt dough is cheap and cheerful! Our favourite of all the great things.

Simple Salt Dough Recipe

It doesn’t matter what quantities you use as long as you always stick to the half, half and whole principle.

1 qty of plain flour

½ qty table salt

½ qty of cold tap water.

Mix the flour and salt, together, in a bowl

Gradually add the cold water and mix with a metal spoon. Do not add all at once.

The mixture should be firm, not soggy.

Time to get your hands in. Make into a ball.

Knead the dough directly onto your counter, board or mat. If you’ve got your consistency right you shouldn’t need a dusting of flour, but I always need a dusting of flour so sometimes, kids, should is just not relevant.

Knead until smooth as you would cookie/biscuit dough. Then go absolutely crazy with it. Make an array of animals, bowels, balls. Whatever your heart desires. After it’s done, put ’em in the oven on the lowest temperature for 2-3 hours (patience!) and then leave them to cool. Paint, varnish and hoorah!



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