Street food in Brighton

Anyone who poo-poos Brighton’s eclectic mix of street food, while gazing wistfully towards the smokey capital, is a ne’er-do-well and deserves to be pummelled with second rate, battered spam.

Leave, if this is you, for we are not friends. (And check out Five reasons Brighton is better than London on your way out).

Brighton and Hove does, in fact, provide a reet treat when it comes to street food. This is largely thanks to the wonderful ladies at Street Diner, who have pulled together some of the city’s greatest culinary gems and displayed them with vigour upon Brighthelm gardens and the corner of Hove town hall.

All praise ye, goddesses of the almighty rumbling tum.

1459978_598316326891039_1759034490_nStreet food is ace. It enables you to taste your way around the world, trying delicacies lovingly prepared by entrepreneurial foodies. It is really reasonably priced, far less expensive than it would be in a restaurant and although this does indeed mean you have to brave the Great British elements, there’s something character building about chowing down in the bitter autumn breeze.

Maybe not so much if it’s raining, soggy arepas are not really that alluring.

I also love the friendly nature of the whole affair. I’ve made some Wednesday lunchtime friends with the vendors who are even prepared to listen to my demands for more gluten free options. Today I had a lunch box from Olly’s Fish Shack that was delicious – filling, healthy and not a grain in sight. the pan fried cod was reasonably sourced and the minted peas and harissa sauce were the perfect accompaniments.

Unfortunately I found the will power to resist a gluten free brownie from Honeycomb Cakes – abstaining from culinary frivolity blows, you know. But I’m usually not as good and have eaten my way through many of the amazing flavour combinations on offer – she also rotates which brownies are gluten free each week, which I greatly appreciate since there’s not usually many options in other bakeries.


I’d be very surprised if you haven’t heard of Street Diner and just a tad suspicious of your motives as a human being but if you haven’t yet gone down to Brighthelm (Friday lunchtimes) or Hove Town Hall (Wednesday lunch times), do so as soon as possible.

Before something terrible happens to your cat.

cat friday

Photos by Honey comb cakes, Sam’s of Brighton, Trolls Pantry


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