Sing for the city

I’m trying this new type of therapy. It involves singing loudly in a room full of strangers.

I joined Soul of the City choir a couple of weeks ago and it was the best £80 I’d spent since I paid for my NYE trip to Prague (!!!????). I feel like £80 is a justified amount, given the experience and the soul cleansing and all the warm, happy clappy vibes that help careen me into Wednesday. Plus the term runs from September to December and concludes in a rather jolly sing song for all the family to enjoy.

We meet every Tuesday at 7.30pm at St. Paul’s School on St Nicholas Street in Brighton. Around 80 of us of all ages, shapes and sizes, gather for an hour and a half and really let those vocals flap. In a very attractive manor. Sometimes we do jazz hands. We’re wild like that.

I’ve always loved singing but there’s something magical about joining your voice with those of strangers to create something that is actually really rather beautiful. We also cover an eclectic mix of genres – from Jessie J to Bill Withers – no one is excluded from our gang.

If you’re looking for a hobby that is reasonably priced but will change your life for an hour and a half every week, join us and put your voice upon ours. If you just fancy some listenings, come to our concert at All Saints Church on 13th December – more info to come. Either way, I whole heartedly recommend showing your support to Soul of the City choir. They (we? Am I at the we stage yet?) are pretty darn skippy.

Image by cyclewidow


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