One man went to Pho

Where: Pho, Black Lion Street, Brighton

Cost: Lunch time special – £9.95 for a starter and main course

Having heard many good things about Pho from my fabulous and, dare I say it, Brighton savvy sister, my expectations about my upcoming lunchtime meal were understandably quite high. I was not disappointed!

Pho advertises itself as:

Family run, small, informal and serving great value, deliciously healthy and authentically prepared Vietnamese food.

As soon as I walked into the restaurant I was greeted by a very nice and informative young gentleman who showed us to our table. I sat down, surveyed the lunchtime specials menu and got my game face on. It was show time.

I started off by ordering an apple, mint and lime fruit juice, which was delightfully refreshing, seeing as the day was rapidly approaching furnace like temperatures. the juice was also very well blended and tasted delicious. Next up was the vegetable Chả giò, which are spring rolls, served with lettuce & herbs which are designed to be wrapped & dipped in whatever sauce you choose – I was yet again very impressed! It was expertly presented, tasted heavenly and the peanut sauce I had chosen wasn’t too overpowering. Scrummy indeed.

Pho Bo (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup) 500

Now it was time to try their crown jewel of the culinary persuasion – their brilliantly advertised Phở soup. I had the Phở tái lăn which is flash fried steak with garlic served in a soup with noodles and variety of different herbs and spices. I was in food nirvana, the soup was very tasty indeed and the herbs and spices blended in quite nicely, overall I was left feeling very full, and most importantly… feeling like I’d spent my money well.

A word to the wise for any would be Phở soup adventurers, the chillies that are put on the side of the soup to be added in are VERY hot, add them in at your own peril!

My final verdict for this restaurant is a solid 8.5 out of 10.


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