Preto Churrascaria

Where: Preto Churrascaria, West Steet, Brighton

Cost : Full meaty menu £19.95 (a decent drink will cost you a bit more).


You’re looking for somewhere to go to dinner, you don’t want to spend a fortune but you’re very hungry and not in the mood to cook. Oh and you aren’t a vegetarian. If you are then I’ll allow you to click away now because you won’t like what you see.

Preto, situated at 65-75 West Street (sorry about the locale but the horrific stag & hen parties do make a good dinner show), is truly amazing. There is nowhere else in Brighton that offers…wait for it, fifteen different meat dishes and traditional Brazilian cuisine. I’m not a fan of the whole ‘all you can eat gimmick’, it often results in mass produced garbage, but this is certainly not the case at Preto.

You enter a large, relatively sterile looking environment but the staff are welcoming and the food will blow your mind.

Once seated you are given a life changing choice, à la Matrix. Choose either ‘Traditional Brazilian Dishes or Full Rodizio GrillYou should choose the latter. 

You are then given a tiny token with Sim (Yes) on one side and não (No) on the other. This tiny disc is your gateway to meat heaven. As the Passadores (meat-waitersmake the rounds with glisteningly juicy hunks of animal on skewers, they will carve you off a piece when they see the ‘Yes’ side of your token.

Now, you will need to be careful. I was recently there with my girlfriend, who, thank God, is a beef junkie, and we went a little overboard. Not only did we partake in the feijoada (black bean stew)pão de queijo (cheese bread balls) and salad but possibly all fifteen of the meat dishes. It was glorious! Then we got very very meat drunk. It was a strange and giddy experience.

Preto a wonderful place serving hearty, flavoursome Brazilian food. You definitely won’t leave hungry and it’s a great experience. The real testament to Preto is it’s often full of Brazilian people and believe me if they eat in there then it must be the real Churrasco deal.

Check out the full meaty menu here I also recommend a caipirinha or Brahma beer to wash it all down with.

By Nicholas Cross.

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